49-69 EUR
30 November


49-69 EUR

Prinsegracht 12, 2512 GA The Hague

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About the show

A famous Ukrainian rock band Boombox, whose musicians serve in the Ukrainian army.

The band's frontman Andrii Khlyvnyuk sang in the first days of the defense of the capital of Ukraine against the Russian invaders, he sang the song "Red viburnum" in the central square of Kyiv, which became a symbol of the unity of the Ukrainian people in the fight against the greatest evil. Later, when Andriy was in the hospital after being wounded in battle, the iconic global rock group "Pink Floyd" offered him to sing this song.

The song "Hey, Hey, Rise Up" by the legendary band Pink Floyd with Andrii Khlyvniuk took first place in the charts of 25 countries. Members of the legendary band Pink Floyd reunited for the first time in 30 years to record a song with Ukrainian musician Andrii Khlyvnyuk in support of Ukraine.

Currently, the band's musicians volunteer and serve in the defense of their country, giving charity concerts in between.

Come to the Boombox charity concert in The Hague, get to know a part of the musical culture of Ukrainians and support them. Funds collected from the sale of tickets will go to the humanitarian needs of people affected by the war, to the purchase of drones for reconnaissance, which every day save dozens of civilian lives.